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Certified Event Planner

Military Reunions

Ideal Amenities
In addition to standard hotel amenities like refrigerator, microwave, and in room coffee maker, we also offer free parking and a complimentary hospitality room.  Furthermore, adult beverages may be furnished by the group.

For $5.00 per person, arrangements can be made for your group for an evening casino trip that includes a shuttle pickup from Ashbury Hotel & Suites (minimum 12 adults).

Centrally located
Ashbury Hotel & Suites is centrally located to several restaurants and attractions – just 6 miles to downtown Mobile and 7.5 miles to USS ALABAMA.  Positioned just off I-65 Exit 3, the hotel is easily accessible to local shopping malls (one block), movie theater, and 15 local and chain restaurants (located within one block – one mile of hotel).

History of Success
Ashbury Hotel & Suites has a history of successful military reunions.  With each reunion, we aim to deliver excellent service, satisfying banquets and ultimately a memorable experience.  We are proud to announce that over the past two years we have hosted the following reunions:  USS Belknap, USS Carter Hall, USS Dunlap, USS DeLong, USS John R. Pierce, CGCWOA, VFP-62, Wimpole Park 7510 USAF Hospital, USCGC Androscoggin and 29th Radio Squadron.

Simply put, Ashbury Hotel & Suites is the ideal location for your reunion.  Please contact the sales department for information on our military reunion package.

“It is my pleasure to recommend Ashbury Hotel & Suites… Ashbury provided optimum facilities, assistance and price.  Ashbury can be very proud of its staff and facility.  They truly represent the essence of “Southern Hospitality”.     

                                                                                    Ken Jack
                                                                                    VFP-62 Reunion


Here are the planning basics:
Complete Article Available Here

  • Give yourself time.    Don't try to rush such a big event. If you do, you're bound to run into booking problems and less people being able to attend. Start your planning at least 10 months out - but 12-15 months is more realistic.
  • Find out how many guests you'll have.    This will take a bit of research. How many current addresses do you have? How many people will make the trip? Talk to others who have also planned military reunions to get an idea. The longer it's been since you all were together, the less people that will probably be able to show up. To be safe always add 5-10% to your final estimate, it's better to overbook and cancel then to need more rooms than you have access to.
  • Deciding When and Where.    Make sure to consider the time of year and weather when choosing a time and place. Also be considerate of where your attendees are coming from. If most are on the west coast, planning a reunion on the east coast may keep many of them from being able to attend. A good central location when the weather is right will ensure maximum turn-out. Also be flexible when you start your planning, adjusting your dates by as little as a few days may give you significant savings on hotel rates. If you haven't already visited the location yourself - consider doing so before finalizing the location, activities and hotels.
  • Make Group Hotel Bookings.    After you decide what city to stay in, narrow down what area or what hotel you're interested in. Remember to consider things like meeting facilities, dining, airport shuttles and other amenities when choosing a hotel. After you narrow that down, check for the best group hotel booking rates available. You'll save a significant amount of money by booking as a group, and, you can guarantee that everyone in your party has a room. Again, always book a couple more rooms than you think you'll need (be sure to ask for and abide by hotel cancellation policies when booking extra rooms).
  • Start planning your activities.    Talk to others who have visited your location. Talk to the local Visitor's Bureau and send away for visitor's guides for your location as well as surrounding locations. Consider how you will get your entire group from point to point. Talk to local tour companies or consider bus charters. Also be sure to arrange guest speakers, meetings, banquets, dinners, etc. at this point too.
  • Send out the Invitations.    Make sure you send out invitations and reminders well in advance of hotel cut-off dates and give invitees plenty of time to coordinate time-off, travel, etc. Make sure to provide the invitees with a point of contact for questions and suggestions, an email address or a website is a great way to keep everyone up-to-date. If a group of attendees are coming from one region, consider charter air transportation to the final reunion location.
  • Final Arrangements.    Confirm your hotel and travel reservations. Plan to arrive earlier than the other guests so that you can greet them and provide them with a final itinerary and instructions. Also use the extra time to set up any decorations, or meeting space or banquet facilities that you'll be using

For more information, or to book your next event, please contact:

1-800-752-0398 email: christina@ashburyhotel.com











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